Rules for the placement of horses offered at the horsemarket


Intent of the rules is to ensure a high quality of horses offers. Actually, these rules should be completely unnecessary as a matter of course. We have here but nevertheless fixed in writing in order not to allow misunderstandings arise in the first.

1. As a horse offer only individual horses may be offered.

It is the rule of thumb: An advertisement = A horse (and always the same horse!).

View the form like we have a lot of great horses are not allowed. Promoting other things than horses, of course too.

2. Only horses are offered that are actually available for sale.

Above all professionals should be aware that you otherwise violate the competition law.

3. Stallion at Stud are not permitted in

Stallion at Stud will be deleted charges. Would you give up a display, advertise your stallion please visit our website Hengst.Info.

4. Each horse may only be offered with a single ad at

Each ad can be indefinitely extended free of charge or again just as a new ad placed for a small fee - so it is completely unnecessary to use multiple ads. Generally, it is illegal to use an advertisement to offer with your different horses.

6. is not a link list

Links in horses offers, company names, etc. are strictly prohibited. To post a link to your homepage on the horses offer, enter your website address in your user data. This is then published on Premium Plus offers or reduction of an also links to all your other offers. (see also setting a counter Links

Do you want to actually sell no horses, but rather promote your website, you are at Horse Links to the right place.

Unacceptable offers ...

... we will delete when read. Depending on the appearance possibly even without a response to the advertiser.

As an advertiser, you agree to the rules and accept that we are entitled to make offers that were for breaches of the rules deleted by us, regularly settle. If unauthorized advertisements also were still free, these rules would probably be completely pointlessly.

To delete manifestly inadmissible offers a handling fee will be charged

For the deletion of offers, which obviously offend against the above rules (such as deck ads or ads that horseriding items apply) we charge a processing fee of 30, - Euro (incl. VAT). Possibly. already paid for that ad display charges will be credited to it.

They must be accessible under the registered e-mail address

The email address is the only date you that we have verified with user registration. If e-mails to this email address "extinguished account" with a phrase such as return, we are forced to delete your user account, because we are not otherwise in a position to determine your identity beyond doubt.